4 seasons in Canazei


Flowering period that attracts visitors from all nations.

Before the meadows are mowed or the flowers wilt, you can admire the fantastic and countless flowers that invade the high mountains, all the wonderful species that grow around our hotels. “Alpine Stars” have also found a place to grow on the hotel’s “Dolomia” stone wall. The period is from June to the end of July.

Week of trips that toughen and give satisfaction.

From the hotel’s forecourt equipped with good trecking shoes and the more experienced equipped with rope and carabiners, they set off on leisurely or challenging trips or on via ferrata hikes or climbs that allow us to admire the beautiful landscape around us and temper the body and spirit. In the evening, when you return, you will recount your experience that will remain indelibly in your memories. The period is from August 01 to August 28.

Enrosadira period and the spectacular colors of the landscape.

The air becomes crisper as a result, the landscape and nature, slowly change dress. The cranberry bushes become thick with their fruit, the leaves acquire an ochre color, the trees are tinged some with yellow others with orange of the most varied shades. At sunrise the mountains are tinged with their characteristic pink, and at sunset they are ablaze with the deepest red. The period runs from August 28 through all of September until mid-October.