Ski Tour “Panorama”

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This is the Tour that stays within the Fassa Valley, for this Tour you only need the Fassa Skipass and it runs in the same two directions. Starting from the Hotel Gonzaga with the ski lift Gonzaga 123 you go down to take the chairlift Kristiania and go up to Col dei Rossi, in front with the cable car 130 you go down to Alba to immediately go up with the cable car 131 to Ciampac with a small transfer to the left at the bottom you take the chairlift 132 Sella Brunech you go down to the right to take the chairlift Roseal Giumela 136, up here a breathtaking view opens up then go down the long red slope to take the chairlift Pala del Geiger 207 arrived on the Col de Valvacin second vantage point go down the long red slope then choose to stay or detour into the spectacular black slope Vulcano with all two slopes you arrive in village of Meida di Pozza di Fassa and return with the Buffaure 201 gondola lift and the Col de Valvacin 206 chairlift and return by the same route backwards to Ciampac from here you descend to Alba with the beautiful black slope you return and ascend from the opposite side of the Fassa Valley with the Col dei Rossi 130 cable car and from up here, the third vantage point par excellence, you return to the Hotel Gonzaga.